Why Time-Scout Monitor?
We, like you, live in a busy world. We are parents trying to balance the demands of professional and home life. We want what's best for our families, for our spouses, for our children. As a parent, we're sure you want many of the same things we do. We, like you, know how hard it can be to nurture a family.

It takes time…

It's all about time, really, isn't it? It's that way for us, and we believe it's that way for you, too. Time with family, and how our families use this time, is so important.

So, when you're at home with your kids, you watch them. You envy their boundless energy. You are inspired by their curiosity. You are concerned about the choices they make. You want to help them learn and grow and make good choices that nurture intellectual and physical well-being. You are an invested parent, a parent who cares about the things that really matter in your child's life.

It's for you that we have created Time-Scout...

To help you direct and control the amount of time your children spend with video games, TV, and the computer, Time-Scout Monitor helps you limit and guide your child's use of these devices in a healthy, upbeat, and positive manner. You set the time limits for your child, and Time-Scout tracks the child's use, and then shuts the device off after the allotted time is up. Time-Scout makes it easy to set limits.

Setting limits easily, fairly and consistently...

Card Access, Inc. History
Located in American Fork, Utah, Card Access, Inc., the creators of Time-Scout Monitor, was founded in 1995. As an evolving technology innovator, Card Access researches, develops, tests and manufactures a variety of innovative products and technologies. With an extensive background in consumer electronics, mobile communications technologies, user-friendly software development, and unique product form factor designs, Card Access brings new technologies to both emerging and established markets for the benefit of the consumer. Our goal is to “Link innovative technology to ordinary people” and to “convert new and exciting technologies into simple products that anyone can use”.

Key management at Card Access has over 150 engineering years of design expertise in consumer and high-tech product development. Our superlative, real-world experience makes our products stand apart from a crowded field.

Management Team
Coming from many years of career experience in the ‘high-tech’ sector, we know that technology for technology’s sake makes life more complicated; so, at Card Access we’re about making good technology better and simpler for a more productive, less complicated life. This is key to our management team’s vision, strategy and product development philosophy.

Kent Hansen, President
James Stout, Chairman
Bryan Davies, CFO
Ray Ivins, VP of sales and marketing